Rayvolve for Trauma



Rayvolve supports rapid and reliable fracture diagnosis on X-ray images of the axial and peripheral skeleton. Fracture findings are visualized in clear images. The manufacturer speaks of a time saving for radiologists of almost 30% and a significant improvement in diagnostic accuracy with a reduction in false negative results of more than 60%.
Any medical professional can use Rayvolve for each and every trauma patient. In medical institutions, this AI software can also do its work automatically in the background. As a result, fractures are detected immediately after the X-rays are taken, even before the radiologist has seen the studies themselves. These patients can be prioritized, diagnosed and treated accordingly.
Digital radiography of a body region in two planes, for example a.p. and lateral or axial
Radiographs of the right wrist frontal (left) and lateral (right) in a 4-year-old boy. A torus fracture of the distal radius was correctly identified by Rayvolve (white boxes).