BoneView Bone Age



BoneView Bone Age is an AI software for pediatric bone age determination according to the Greulich & Pyle atlas method for the age group from three to 17 years. The chronological age is compared with the AI ​​measurement data. In addition, the standard deviation is given in months.
Any medical professional anywhere in the world can request bone age analysis at any time by quickly and easily uploading hand radiographs to Radailogy. BoneView Bone Age offers the convenience and efficiency to simplify radiology workflows.
Digital radiography of the hand a.p. for the age group from three to 17 years
Radiography of the left hand a.p. of a male with the chronological age of nine years and three months. BoneView Bone Age calculates bone age using the Greulich & Pyle atlas method as seven years and ten months, standard deviation 10.74 months.