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Use the world's best AI assistants for your radiological studies now!

Our Radailogists are excellently trained on our AI ​​assistants. On your request we supervise your selected AI right through to the diagnosis.

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Faster, better and more individual than ever before. With Radailogy we are creating a better future in medicine.


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Why Radailogy?

Artificial intelligence has arrived in medicine. And that's good. We doctors have needed this support for a long time. Our AI assistants make your entire workflow more efficient and, depending on the AI ​​assistant selected, even the image quality improves.

From the vision to the present:

  • The best service for our patients
  • Efficient workflow for us doctors

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Our customers & partners are convinced

Stefan Iarca Rayscape CEO & Co-Founder

The partnership with Radailogy allows us at Rayscape to streamline the radiologic process, bringing faster and more accurate diagnoses to those who are in need. Rayscape digital tools and AI-driven technologies have been developed to improve patient outcomes, and we are proud to combine forces with PD Dr. Gerd Schueller to make this vision a reality. Let's continue to drive progress in medical imaging and improve patients' lives across the globe!

Gerd Schueller Founder & Owner

Radailogy is a world first. We have closely monitored the development of AI and have carefully approached our new service. For this we have invested years of work in our radiology and IT and looked after many hospitals and institutes, many thousands of customers. We are trendsetters and proud to present Radailogy to you.

Dr. med. Constantin Ahlbrand Specialist Internal Medicine

For me, Radailogy is a vision of a significant medical future that has found its place in the present. It is now up to all of us to have a say in the development of AI for the benefit of our patients.

    Diagnoses clearly visualised

    Benefit in words and pictures


    Patients and clinicians need accurate word and image analysis. Above all, X-rays, CT and MRI images are ideal for discussing findings with patients. Here, clinicians rely on getting the results as precise and clear as possible. These results should ultimately be available to patients without any loss of information or quality.

    Get better together with Radailogy’s AI assistants

    The developers of AI assistants know what precise requirements and expectations we have for their products. To ensure that the AI ​​assistants are perfect, we check them regularly and hand in hand with their developers. At Radailogy, we care for everyone involved: patients, clinicians and radiologists. With every AI assistance we offer, we help save time, increase medical precision and present examination results clearly and understandably.