BoneView Measurements



BoneView Measurements is a fully automated AI software for measuring body axes. The software facilitates the interpretation of the findings thanks to its easy-to-read display.
Patients, clinicians and radiologists benefit through the detailed measurement of body axes on X-ray images. The variability of the measurement results is minimized and their reproducibility is granted. Any medical professional can request the measurement of body axes for each individual patient through the quick and easy upload to Radailogy.
Digital radiography of the spine, pelvis, hips, full leg radiographs and forefoot from the age of three, depending on the anatomical region
Frontal radiography of both forefeet of a 44-year-old patient. On the left (on the right in the picture) there is a clear hallux valgus deformity with an increase in the MTP joint angle I and the interdigital angle I/II. There is a mild secondary arthrosis of MTP joint I. There is moderate arthrosis in MTP joint II. Along the Lisfranc's and the Chopart's joints, there is a normal finding, apart from a small external tibial bone as a normal variant. BoneView Measurments enables the precise calculation of the joint angles and supports the radiological diagnosis with the angle measurements drawn in.