CINA-IPE reports suspected thrombosis of the pulmonary arteries in CT angiographies and enables these patients to be prioritized. The software provides radiologists and emergency physicians with a clear visual presentation of findings.
CINA-IPE detects emboli of the central and paracentral pulmonary arteries with excellent certainty. The suspected arteries are labeled in axial MIPs. Any medical professional can use CINA-IPE for each individual emergency patient by quickly and easily uploading CT angiographies of the pulmonary arteries to Radailogy. In medical institutions, this AI software can also do its work automatically in the background in order to fully benefit from its triage potential.
CT angiographies of the pulmonary arteries of any CT scanner; axial reformations; minimal matrix size 512 x 512; maximal slice thickness 2.5 mm; contrast enhancement of the central pulmonary arteries minimum 100 HU (recommended minimum 130 HU); soft tissue reconstruction kernel
CT angiography of the pulmonary arteries of a 73-year-old patient with acute onset of respiratory distress (left). The is a significant contrast sparing in the central left pulmonary artery and the paracentral arteries on both sides. The pulmonary trunk is moderately dilated. CINA-IPE correctly detects the acute central and paracentral embolization (right, red box).