CoLumbo saves time and increases accuracy in the detection of the most common pathologies of the lumbar spine.
Lumbar spine MRI findings are reported and visualized. It assists in the knowledge transfer from radiologists to both patients and clinicians. In addition, all findings are written in comprehensive, standardized reports and can be used as an integral, automatically filling part of final documents.
1.0-3.0 Tesla MRI, T2 axial and sagittal 2D and 3D, slice thickness 3.45-5 mm
T2 axial MRI of the lumbar spine of a patient with left limb paresthesia. Left foraminal disc extrusion at the level L4/L5 with impingement of the left foraminal L4 nerve was reported (left). CoLumbo correctly identified the disc pathology (red) as well as the nerve displacement (light pink).The spinal canal, the recessal nerves as well as the right foraminal nerve are normal (dark pink) (right).