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AIRAscore measures relevant biomarkers for the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases from MR images of the brain.
Global and regional brain volumes are accurately measured. The results are always compared with age- and gender-specific reference values. The measurements are many times more accurate than even specialists have been able to carry out in the past. Results that deviate from normal are clearly evident. The findings are reported in tabular form in bar graphs and support the knowledge transfer from radiologists to patients and physicians.
1.5-3.0 Tesla MRI, native 3D T1-weighted gradient-echo sequences, slice thickness 1 mm, echo time ≤ 5 ms, flip angle ≤ 15°
3D T1-weighted gradient-echo MRI of a 69 years old patient with mild symptoms of cognitive impairment. Routine MRI (not shown) revealed minimal microangiopathic neurodegeneration. Brain volumetry was performed (left). AIRAscore identified normal supra- and infratentorial brain volumes.