AI brings patients and doctors together

Physicians depend on exam data from a variety of medical specialties to inform patients about their current situation and enable the best to heal them. 

Radiology and its fast and accurate diagnostics often present itself as the basis on which every successful therapy relies upon. The most important success factors are the precision in the reporting and the transmission of the results to patients and clinicians.

Patients and clinicians rightly want precise analyses presented in words and pictures. X-rays, CT and MR images are ideal for discussing findings. Here, clinicians depend on the results being clearly visible in order to show them to their patients without loss of information or quality.

There has been a 78% increase in radiological examinations since 2008, and the trend is rising. At the same time, healthcare systems are facing a significant shortage of medical specialists. That essential, precise transfer of knowledge from radiologists to patients and clinicians is often subject to daily time pressure.

Radailogy’s AI creates a better future. AI manufacturers know what requirements and expectations we have of their products. We test and perfect AI assistants hand in hand with its developers. At Radailogy, we care about everyone involved: patients, clinicians and radiologists. With every AI assistant we offer, we help save time, increase medical precision, and see and understand exam results clearly.

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