RadailogySimply intelligent.




Artificial Intelligence under Radailogical Control

Radailogy offers a future-oriented, highly secure online medical platform where medical professionals can use the world's best AI software under the supervision of our Radailogy medical specialists.

Our Strengths

Your Benefits at a Glance

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Experience in Radiology and AI

Our Radailogs are perfectly trained in both worlds.


The Best of AI

We check continuously and use only the best AI. Each AI is FDA and CE certified.


Your free Choice

You are not contractually bound to any AI firm. We'll take care of it for you.


Free Access

The upload of your data is free of charge and very easy with drag & drop.

Four Services

All for Your Choice

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Our Mission

Why Radailogy?

AI has become a reality in everyday use. In fact, it will be an important part of our future. It will help us doctors to provide perfect service for our patients: faster, better and more personalized than ever before. Radailogy lays the foundation for this: The best possible AI for your investigations, under the control of our Radailogists.

Clearly arranged price list

Pay per Use and nothing else

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Radailogy is a world first. We have closely monitored the development of AI and have carefully approached our new service. For this we have invested years of work in our radiology and IT and looked after many hospitals and institutes, many thousands of customers. We are trendsetters and proud to present Radailogy to you.

Gerd Schueller